Most Anticipated April Reads

Wayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World by M. R. O’Connor



Journalist M. R. O’Connor seeks out neuroscientists, anthropologists and master navigators to understand how navigation ultimately gave us our humanity. O’Connor goes to the Arctic, the Australian bush and the South Pacific to talk to masters of their environment who seek to preserve their traditions at a time when anyone can use a GPS to navigate. Kirkus Reviews says, “There are many reasons why people should make efforts to improve their geographical literacy, and O’Connor hits on many in this excellent book―devouring it makes for a good start.” (April 30)



Eating the Sun: Small Musings on a Vast Universe by Ella Frances Sanders


91mKThPY0TLFrom the New York Times bestselling creator of Lost in TranslationEating the Sun is a delicately existential, beautifully illustrated, and welcoming exploration of the universe—one that examines and marvels at the astonishing principles, laws, and phenomena that we exist alongside, that we sit within. Kirkus Reviews calls it “a fun, accessible introduction to a variety of scientific topics that readers can explore further.” (April 16)



Will We Ever Speak Dolphin? And 130 Other Science Questions Answered by Nicholas Brealey



This is a compilation of questions and answers from New Scientist magazine’s “Last Word” column. If you’ve ever wanted to know why you can’t hear shouting underwater,whether ants get scared of humans towering over them, how butterflies know where they’re heading, or whether there really is a difference between martinis shaken or stirred, Will We Ever Speak Dolphin? has all the weird and witty answers. (April 9)

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