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What to Pre-Order during National Engineers Week

February 17 to 23 is National Engineers Week! Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, “EWeek” is dedicated to raising public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to quality of life. To celebrate, here are three engineering books that you can pre-order now:


The Future in Minutes by Keith Mansfield


51c4p8czFILCovering more topics than just engineering, The Future in Minutes explains concisely and lucidly everything from crypto currencies and world governments to gene therapy and colonizing planets–and painting our options for utopia or disaster. This is part of a book series from Quercus that also includes Astronomy in Minutes, Evolution in Minutes, among others. (June 2019)



The Life and Legend of James Watt: Collaboration, Natural Philosophy, and the Improvement of the Steam Engine by David Philip Miller


714523l5rvLThis book offers a deeper understanding of the work and character of the great eighteenth-century engineer. Stripping away layers of legend built over generations, David Philip Miller finds behind the heroic engineer a conflicted man often diffident about his achievements but also ruthless in protecting his inventions and ideas, and determined in pursuit of money and fame. A skilled and creative engineer, Watt was also a compulsive experimentalist drawn to natural philosophical inquiry, and a chemistry of heat underlay much of his work, including his steam engineering (May 2019)


Engineering Rules: Global Standard Setting since 1880 by JoAnne Yates Craig N. Murphy 


41Jh2jKRAjLPrivate, voluntary standards shape almost everything we use, from screw threads to shipping containers to e-readers. They have been critical to every major change in the world economy for more than a century, including the rise of global manufacturing and the ubiquity of the Internet. In Engineering Rules, JoAnne Yates and Craig Murphy trace the standard-setting system’s evolution through time, revealing a process with an astonishingly pervasive, if rarely noticed, impact on all of our lives. (June 2019)




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