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Aug. 14: Books on Sale Today

Lamarck’s Revenge: How Epigenetics Is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Evolution’s Past and Present by Peter Ward



“The best introduction so far to one of the most controversial elements of 21st-century evolutionary science.” ―Kirkus Starred Review



The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life by David Quammen



“Quammen has written a deep and daring intellectual adventure. . . . The Tangled Tree is much more than a report on some cool new scientific facts. It is, rather, a source of wonder.” ―Thomas Levenson, The Boston Globe


Nodding Off: Understanding Sleep from Cradle to Grave by Alice Gregory



“A compendium of science, trivia, and common sense.” ―Publishers Weekly



The Astronaut Maker: How One Mysterious Engineer Ran Human Spaceflight for a Generation by Michael Cassutt


510OmKKN4EL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_“NASA buffs will be fascinated by this profile of an undervalued figure whose most significant legacy, Cassutt concludes, was at the human level—making ‘spaceflight available to all, regardless of citizenship, gender, color, or ethnic background.’” Publishers Weekly

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