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March 6: Books On Sale Today

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet by Claire L. Evans


Meet Grace Hopper, the tenacious mathematician who democratized computing by leading the charge for machine-independent programming languages after World War II; Elizabeth “Jake” Feinler, the one-woman Google who kept the earliest version of the Internet online; and Stacy Horn, who ran one of the first-ever social networks on a shoestring out of her New York City apartment in the 1980s.

Kirkus Reviews says it’s “A good choice for fans of Hidden Figures.”


The Element in the Room: Science-y Stuff Staring You in the Face by Helen Arney and Steve Mould


Full disclosure, I’m a fan of Festival of the Spoken Nerd. I’ve seen their DVDs Full Frontal Nerdity and Just for Graphs. I own Matt Parker’s Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension and Steve Mould’s How to Be a Scientist tomes. This, their tour through science complete with experiments to do around the house, beautiful illustrations, and banter between Helen and Steve, is my most prized addition to the bookshelf this month.


Science Not Silence: Voices from the March for Silence edited by Stephanie Fine Sasse and Lucky Tran


As someone who is looking forward to marching my first science march this coming April, I am particularly enthralled with the pictures, posters, and stories in this heavily illustrated chronicle of the 2017 March for Science. Every story is a call to action.


How Science Works: The Facts Visually Explained


Part of DK’s fully illustrated instructional guides to science, along with How the Body Works, How Food Works, How Psychology Works, etc., How Science Works tackles complex topics like the Higgs boson, gravitational waves, and the mysteries of dark matter through graphics.


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